Sunday, May 9, 2010

What a week!!

First Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. Today my technically my 2nd Mother's Day but my first with my sweet angel outside the belly and so far what a wonderful day it's been. 2 nights ago when we put Sam to bed he was on his back and when I woke up he had rolled over, the same happened the night before and I woke up to him smiling on his back. Well as awesome as this is I wanted to see it for myself and last night I did! I was thrilled!! This morning Sam was dedicated at church and it was a honor and privilege as a mother to have our family there to watch as we gave Sam back to God and all promise to help raise him to a Godly person.

Sam with the help of his grandparents and great grandparents and my sweet husband have all given me gifts and it feels like my birthday!

Last week was a good week. Friday (4/30) I enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Eastside with my ZTA sisters at the Night Owl Alumni dinner. Saturday (5/1) was a difficult day as we did the Estate sale for my gran's house. It was especially difficult for my mom. As we prepare to finalize the house please keep our family in your prayers. Even though we have worked and worked in the house and part of us is so ready to be done the other part is sad to let go of b/c not only was that gran's home but we have so many wonderful memories from that house....Saturday evening (5/1) we had a special dinner for Katie at Bonefish.

Sunday (5/2) was an interesting day. Frazier & I attend FBC in Prattville but his brother, sister in-law and gran and nana go to church at Frazer so we had been talking about going to see the new pastor. We thought Sunday would be a great day to do this. We woke up on time, I had a cute dress on, Sam was looking cute in his blue/white gingham outfit and then all the sudden about 5 minutes before we are to walk out the door Sam spits up all over himself, my hair, my dress and even my feet! Well after changing him I just couldn't get myself re-motivated to go. I'm sure the church members would have loved my 'enfamil' perfume! However Sam and his daddy went to church and surprised gran and nana and was a huge hit!

Monday (5/4) Sam went for his 4 month check up. My mom was planning on coming with me b/c Frazier started his new job with State Farm Monday but she couldn't go b/c she had an outbreak of shingles and she couldn't be around Sam b/c that is the same virus as the chicken pox and Sam has never had chicken pox (Thank God!) Anyways I took him by myself and I was a little nervous but he did awesome! He weights 14 lbs and 5 oz and is 25 inches long. He even did great getting his shots!

Thursday (5/6) we took Sam to his first Biscuits game. I was a little nervous b/c Sam normally goes to bed b/t 730 and 800 but we really wanted to give it a try and he had a blast. We could tell he was getting sleepy but he was all about the game, the lights and the ceiling fan he spotted.

Saturday (5/8) Katie got married and it was a beautiful service....Sam slept through the entire wedding. Jeffrey and Stephanie came in to town and we had dinner at Mimi's and now that brings me back to today! Sam is in his jumperoo and his feet almost touch the ground....He's playing and every few minutes he looks up to watch TV!! So that was our week!

We hope you and your family had a great week!

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  1. busy week... sounds fun though, most of it at least. (: